Our facilities are supervised online by a system that controls the entire procedure overall. This allows SOMMET to maintain high quality management procedures and makes it easy to provide customers with constant online or offline updates.

    Our state-of-the-art IT system, Lvision from Mantis IT, is used to manage and administer the warehouse and ensures that complex issues can be effectively dealt with without any problems. This system ensures:

    • that we can easily recognise and identify multiple codes using product codes, packaging barcodes, etc.

    • full support for various alternatives / multiple types of packaging, with different quantities per crate and pallet.

    • a major increase in inventory and stock accuracy, since each storage location and each activity are supervised diligently.

    • minimised errors in picking, cross docking and in filling orders in general.

    • automated, smart stock turnaround (FIFO / FEFO / LEFO / LOT, etc.).

    • full traceability of finished products at batch level and/or serial number level.

    • automated warehousing procedures.

    • provision of full real-time and offline updates to customers about logistics activities.