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    > Food Preservation – Controlled Atmospheres

    The company has a rapid freeze chamber which is used for precooling. It has three ordinary preservation chambers plus four preservation chambers capable of ensuring controlled atmosphere (thanks to the use of ethylene burners) for long-term storage of fruit and veg such as apples, pears, kiwi fruit, etc. Thanks to an automated system for monitoring the controlled atmosphere and cutting edge machinery, the stored products are preserved fresh just as they were when they were delivered to our facilities.

    > Freezing

    SOMMET has two freezer chambers that operate at -20oC that can hold up to 450 pallets, allowing the stored product to be kept in perfectly safe conditions thanks to the double cooling circuits used.

    > Bonded warehouses

    In SOMMET Ltd., we offer comprehensive services to our customers, since we have the ability to operate as a customs warehouse.

    Thus, our customers can enjoy high quality services by storing their products in our secure facilities without having to pay customs duties and value added tax when they import them into the country. Moreover, they can store their products for as long as necessary and until the clearance of the cargo.

    Additionally, they can make a "partial clearance" paying only the products they regularly clear every time. The rest can remain in our warehouse without any pecuniary or other penalty by the Customs Authorities.

    After customs clearance, all cargo can be transported for repacking or for any other modification (if necessary) to ensure the safe transport in Greece and abroad.

    In SOMMET Ltd. we ensure the best conditions for your products, providing modern services to our clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What is the bonded warehouse / Saving?

    Re: Customs warehousing is a customs procedure which can be applied to imported goods, and consists in the placement of goods in warehouses approved by the Customs Service, where they can remain indefinitely with suspended payment of customs and tax duties. To leave the warehouse for consumption then hey will need to pay customs and tax charges.

    Q: How do you enter a customs warehouse?

    Re: Goods produced at the customs office where the declaration holder savings. After completion of the checks issued by the office to release the goods. Then the goods can be brought to the authorized customs warehouse and remain in that state were introduced.

    Q: What destination can get the goods from a customs warehouse?

    Re: Anyone accepted customs revenue (re, placing in a free zone, free circulation and home use, destruction, abandonment, transit, etc.).

    Q: How do I leave the goods from customs warehouse?

    Re: For the goods that leave the warehouse there must be filed by the owner document (declaration), which is given a destination in the commodity. The office conducts audits required and issue a receipt of goods. Under this license may leave the warehouse.

    > Provisions on which the status of savings.

    - Articles 98-113 of even EEC 2913/92
    - Articles 496 to 523 of Reg EEC 2454/93
    - The T.1460/10/G0019/21-03-2002 HRH (GG 468/V/15-04-200

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